Is it professional?

A lot of times, businesses want to maintain a “professional face” for their business. But in the age of Social Media and constant contact with people, is this the best way to conduct a business? I believe that people don’t want to deal with faceless corporations and businesses any more. People want to have real contact with other people, other humans who struggle with the same hopes and fears that we all do, and people who they trust to do what they do from a desire to bring something real and honest to the world.

When we reveal ourselves in a personal way, dare to be vulnerable, dare to be human, our hearts call out to other hearts. And we can bring that deep soul connection to every aspect of our lives. When we do this, we not only enrich the lives of those we offer our work-lives to in service; we enrich our own individual lives as cohabitants in this little play we are all actors in. We enrich life itself. What an honor!